Is Clickbank a Scam?

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Here is the quick story:

A few days ago I have received an email from one of my email subscribers
who was trying to make money with Clickbank for over a year now.

At the end of his email, he asked me: “Raimundas, is Clickbank a scam?? I send over 200 visitors a day to my affiliate link and I’m lucky if I get one sale out of that. Is that normal? How many hops on average should I receive to make a sale?”

I then asked him, “how do you promote the product?”

He said, “I’m sending traffic directly to my Clickbank affiliate link”.

Well. There was the problem.

Here’s the sad truth…

Direct linking doesn’t work as it used to be.

Especially for higher priced products like Clickbank.

The reason being:

1. People are more careful these days. Their trust bar is low and radars are up all the time.
2. They most likely already seen the offer 100 times and close the page with a blink of an eye.
3. Today they do research more than ever before (looking for reviews, opinions, recommendations)

Internet is evolving.

Internet users are becoming smart and tech-savvy each day.

By sending traffic directly to the affiliate link is what I call playing “a hope marketing”.

Throwing the traffic and hoping for a sale is a straight way to getting broke.

You want to make sales consistently and predictably.

Especially if you are buying traffic.

So what is the solution?

You need to prepare and warm up your prospect first.

This can be done by presenting them with the pre-sell material that warm up and increase “the need and want” to buy the product before they even see the sales page.

Below you will find 6 killer strategies to pre-sell and warm up your visitors so that you can increase your conversion by 2x, 3x or even 4x selling any product online.

This is a huge factor if you want to improve your earnings and convert cold traffic into red hot buyers..

So here they are:

1. Pre-selling using a Video review


Youtube is full of reviews for almost any popular Clickbank product out there. Some of them are done very professionally and are very persuasive. What you can do is simply create a clean page, find the review video for the product you want to promote and embed that video on your page. As long as Youtube allow you to embed the video on other pages – you can use it.


You can record your own review (in front of the camera or using Power Point), upload it on Youtube, embed it on your page and send your traffic to that page. You will see a huge difference in conversion rates using this one sneaky strategy alone.

2. Pre-selling using a .pdf report


.PDF reviews/pre-sells are very easy to create and are extremely effective. All you need is just a free version of Open Office Writer. You can google: “how to create .pdf using Open Office Writer” and you will find all the details.

.PDFs are one of my favorite pre-selling strategies and it works just great.

Here is one of the live examples to get a better idea:$45-150_a_day_with_no_traffic_no_list_no_money_no_website.pdf

3. Pre-selling using email marketing


How many times have you heard the phrase: “money is in the list”?

And it’s truth.

The beauty of email auto-responders is the ability to automate your daily emails.

It’s completely hands off and probably one of the most powerful tool you can have to prepare/warm-up your prospect for the purchase.

Not only you have an opportunity to show up in your prospects’ email box every day without you lifting a finger, but also collect leads and send other related offers later. Basically, you own the traffic now and no one can take it from you.

4. Pre-selling using recorded webinars/Google Hangouts


Live webinars and Google Hangouts have been used for promoting mid and high ticket products for a while now. Some of my friends are crushing huge numbers using webinars alone. It’s incredibly effective selling strategy.

You have probably been on one of those free training sessions yourself where you receive lots of valuable information and at the end of the webinar they make you an offer.

Basically, you can record one of those sessions (you don’t need hundreds of attendees. Heck, you don’t need any audience at all). Just record it. Post it on Youtube. Embed it on your page and send traffic to that page.

5. Pre-selling using audio recordings


If you have a mic or a smart phone to record your voice, you can easily use this strategy to introduce your visitors to the affiliate offer.

When you record your audio, you can upload it on for free and embed it on your page as shown in the picture above.

6. Pre-selling using a blog


I have mentioned about the power of selling using blogs in The AffManual, so I won’t spread on this topic too much here, but this is something that has been working, is working and will work for years to come.

Think about it.

We think about blogs mainly as an information source first.

We are comfortable reading blogs.

We are enjoying reading them.

If you receive an email with the link to the blog, you are much more likely to click on versus the link to the naked sales page.

Well. Why wouldn’t use that to our advantage and throw an innocent pitch on the blog?

Here’s a quick example:



I can hear you saying, Raimundas, but what content should I post?

Here’s the structure I like to use for my pre-sell material:
• Value
• Value
• Value
• A quick pitch to learn more about the topic.

The more value you provide, the more trust you will build, the higher the conversion you will get, the more money you will make.

Combining the above conversion strategies with the bullet proof traffic strategies from The AffManual product, you can do a lot of damage (in a good way :-)) to your bank account.

Now take action and prosper!

Have a wonderful rest of the summer and I’ll talk to you later.


Stop Chasing the Money and Start Chasing the Dream

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Most marketers think that having tools is enough to make money online.

The more tools and knowledge they have – the more money they will make.

But that’s far from the truth.

What’s even more interesting is that often we have all the tools in the world and know exactly what we need to do, but still nothing happens.

Why is that?

I can say from my own experience that the amount of money you make has nothing to do with how much knowledge, products or tools you have.

It’s about the reason WHY?

WHY and HOW BAD you need money?

“I want to make an extra $1000 a month online”, is not a strong motivator or a reason why.

Instead, you should be chasing your biggest goals, dreams and desires.

You should think about them and talk about them every single day, no matter what it is.

For example:

“I want get out of debt.”

“I want to help my family to have a better life.”

“I want to help my childrens to have a better life.”

“I want to quit my day job, because I can’t stand it anymore.”

“I want to move to a better neighbourhood, city or even a country” (have the exact place in mind).

“I want to buy a dream house” (have a specific one in mind)

“I want to buy a dream car” (have a specific model in mind)

“I want to go on vacation and visit _______” (have a specific place in mind)

“I want to travel around the world”

The more specific you are, the more brighter you can paint yourself in your dreams and seeing them achieving – the faster you will reach them.

Don’t think about money.

Rather think about your goals and dreams.


Hope this makes sense.

If your goal or a dream is strong enough, you will find a way to cross that bridge no matter what it takes. Whether it’s a hard work, lots of failures, disappointments or risks to be taken. If you will follow your dream, the money will follow.

Find your reason WHY.

A strong WHY.

Have goals and dreams in mind.

Print them out.

Put them on your desktop and reach them every day.

And most importantly, believe in your dreams.

Don’t give up on them in the middle of the road and don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do.

Think of Bill Gates.

Bill Gates dream was, to provide a computer on every desk on every home.

Bill Gates worked very hard in achieving his dream, he was very ambitious and competitive, and now he’s one of the richest people in the world.

Not because he chased the money, but because he chased the dream.