1 Tip To DOUBLE Your Income In 2015 Guaranteed


Raimundas M here.

It’s 2015 already and it’s also very snowy :-)

Instead of getting drunk and doing all kind of
crazy stuff on Jan 1st, I have decided to wax
my skis and go out skiing.


A fantastic way to recharge after the holidays,
if you know what I mean :-)

Try it out someday.

Works like wonders.

Anyhoo, I just got back and wanted to wish you Happy New Year,
as well as share 1 quick tip that will absolutely DOUBLE your income in 2015.

If you haven’t made a sale yet, applying this very simple
strategy, will make you that first sale FASTER and EASIER.

I know. It’s a bold claim, but it’s really that powerful.

So, what’s the tip?


Selling online is becoming harder and harder.

And it will get worse.

It’s not like 1999 when users loved to
click on banners and blindly buy stuff online.

Today many of us have hundreds of options to choose from.

Right now one Clickbank product is promoted by
hundreds of affiliates to the exact same person.

And you know who gets a sale?

The affiliate that is at least not afraid
of revealing his real name.

People buy from people.

They are looking for people who can trust and relate to.

It doesn’t matter if you are just an affiliate.

The first thing you want to do in 2015
is start being more transparent.

Get your name out there.

Take a picture and include it on your
blog, emails you send out, landing pages,
pre-sale pages.

Shoot a video talking in-front of the camera.

All these small things will make your visitors

Here’s the quick story:

A few months ago I needed to buy shoes for a winter season.

So, I have visited a lot of small shoe stores in the shopping mall.

Almost all of them had shoes that I was ready to spend my money on.

The problem was, I couldn’t decide from which store to buy.

Until I came to this one store…

The shop-assistant noticed me the same second I walked in.

She said, “Hi, is there anything I can help you?”

I said, “Not yet, thank you. Just looking…”, and smiled.

But there was something special about that person.

Maybe she was an owner of the store and put
a lot more effort than others.

I don’t know.

I was actually so tired that I was ready to walk away without my
new shoes that day and come back the next day with a fresh head.

But suddenly something clicked and I decided to buy shoes from her,
just because I really liked the person that was selling them.

What about shoes?

Well, honestly, it wasn’t exactly what I was
looking for :-) But I still thank her, because
she saved my time and made my decision quicker.

I’m sure you’d cough yourself being
in the same situation many times before.

So remember, you, as a seller, matter
to your customer A LOT MORE than you think.

Let your faceless competitors fight
with each other while you are stealing
their customers right before their noses
with just a minimum branding efforts.

Have a great 2015!

I’ll talk to you later.
- Raimundas M.

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HUGE List of Paid Traffic Sources

My Personal Favorite Paid Traffic Sources:

Direct Site Media Buys (Banner ads on high trafficked sites) (CPM)
Adwords (PPC)
Youtube Ads (CPV)
Bing Ads (PPC)
LeadImpact (PPV)
Solo Ads
+ some of my secret weapons that, unfortunately, I don’t want  to reveal to the public.

And here are some more (in no particular order):

Pay Per Click Traffic Sources

Facebook Ads – Facebook Ads
Google Adwords – http://adwords.google.com
MSN Adcenter – https://adcenter.microsoft.com
Looksmart – http://www.looksmart.com/
7Search – http://www.7search.com/
Facebook Ads – http://www.facebook.com/advertising
MyAds – http://www.myads.com
Clicksor – http://www.clicksor.com/
Marchex – http://www.marchex.com/pay-per-click-advertising
AdSide – http://www.adside.com/
Adblade – http://www.adblade.com/
Adbrite – http://www.adbrite.com/
AdSonar – http://www.adsonar.com
POF Ads – https://ads.pof.com
Advertise.com – http://www.advertise.com/
Pulse360 – http://www.pulse360.com/
AdClickMedia – http://www.adclickmedia.com/
Bidvertiser – http://www.bidvertiser.com/
Adknowledge – http://www.adknowledge.com/
AdManage – http://www.admanage.com/
Findology – http://www.findology.com
AdMarketplace – http://www.admarketplace.com/
Ezanga – http://www.ezanga.com/

Pay Per View Traffic Sources

Media Traffic – http://www.mediatraffic.com/
Trafficvance – http://www.trafficvance.com/
DirectCPV – http://www.directcpv.com/
AdOnNetwork – http://www.adonnetwork.com/
Lead Impact – http://www.leadimpact.com/

Pay Per Text Traffic Sources

Infolinks – http://www.infolinks.com/s
Kontera – http://www.kontera.com/
50onRed – http://www.50onred.com/
Vibrant Media – http://www.vibrantmedia.com/
Linkworth – http://www.linkworth.com/
Inlinks – http://www.inlinks.com/
InText – http://www.intext.com/

Media Buy Traffic Sources

Casale Media – http://www.casalemedia.com/
Tribal Fusion – http://www.tribalfusion.com/
Traffiq – http://www.trafficq.com
Yahoo AdReady – http://www.adready.com/
Ask – http://www.ask.com/products/
Illyx – http://illyx.com/
MegaClick – http://www.megaclick.com/
GoTraffic.com – http://www.gotraffic.com/
Advertising.com – http://www.ask.com/products
BuySellAds – http://www.buysellads.com/
DoubleClick – http://www.doubleclick.com/
Burst Media – http://www.burstmedia.com/advertisers.html
Dashboard Ad – http://premiumaccess.com/
Adengage – http://adengage.com/
CPX Interactive – http://www.cpxinteractive.com/
Undertone – http://undertone.com/
Ad Pepper – http://www.adpepper.com/

Contextual Pop Ups

Adoori – http://www.adoori.com/
Infinity ads – http://www.infinityads.com/contextual-advertising


AdRoll – http://www.adroll.com/
AdRetargeting – http://ww.adretargeting.com/
Fetchback – http://www.fetchback.com/
Recrue Media – http://www.recruemedia.com/

Domain Traffic

Elephant Traffic – https://www.elephant-traffic.com
Zero Park – https://zeropark.com/
DNTX – https://www.dntx.com


Admob – http://www.admob.com/
Jumptap – http://www.jumptap.com/
inMobi – http://www.inmobi.com/
Adfonic – http://www.adfonic.com/
Mojiva – http://www.mojiva.com/
Mobclix – http://www.mobclix.com/

- Raimundas M.

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