HUGE List of Paid Traffic Sources

My Personal Favorite Paid Traffic Sources:

Direct Site Media Buys (Banner ads on high trafficked sites) (CPM)
Adwords (PPC)
Youtube Ads (CPV)
Facebook Ads (PPC)
Bing Ads (PPC)
LeadImpact (PPV)
Solo Ads
+ some of my secret weapons that, unfortunately, I don’t want  to reveal to the public.

And here are some more (in no particular order):

Pay Per Click Traffic Sources

Google Adwords –
MSN Adcenter –
Looksmart –
7Search –
Facebook Ads –
MyAds –
Clicksor –
Marchex –
AdSide –
Adblade –
Adbrite –
AdSonar –
POF Ads – –
Pulse360 –
AdClickMedia –
Bidvertiser –
Adknowledge –
AdManage –
Findology –
AdMarketplace –
Ezanga –

Pay Per View Traffic Sources

Media Traffic –
Trafficvance –
DirectCPV –
AdOnNetwork –
Lead Impact –

Pay Per Text Traffic Sources

Infolinks –
Kontera –
50onRed –
Vibrant Media –
Linkworth –
Inlinks –
InText –

Media Buy Traffic Sources

Casale Media –
Tribal Fusion –
Traffiq –
Yahoo AdReady –
Ask –
Illyx –
MegaClick – – –
BuySellAds –
DoubleClick –
Burst Media –
Dashboard Ad –
Adengage –
CPX Interactive –
Undertone –
Ad Pepper –

Contextual Pop Ups

Adoori –
Infinity ads –


AdRoll –
AdRetargeting –
Fetchback –
Recrue Media –

Domain Traffic

Elephant Traffic –
Zero Park –


Admob –
Jumptap –
inMobi –
Adfonic –
Mojiva –
Mobclix –

- Raimundas M.

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4 Bullet-Proof Tips to SELL MORE and SELL MORE EASILY

If you are using “PDF Cash Machine”, selling
your own, PLR products or pre-selling affiliate offers,
then this post is FOR YOU.

Once upon a time there were two information marketers.

Both of them had very similar products and
both of them drove the same quantity and
quality of traffic to their offers.

One of them was making a sale here and there,
another one was CRUSHING IT in terms of
sales and conversion rates.

The first one was loosing money using paid media,
in a meantime, another marketer was scaling like CRAZY.

Here’s the truth.

Selling a product that people want is not enough.

There are many hidden psychological triggers that
will determine how well the product will sell.

In this post I will cover four BULLET-PROOF triggers
that ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, improve conversion rates
selling any kind of information product online.

During the years I have done a ton of testing, and these four simple
triggers many times BOOST conversion rates THROUGH THE ROOF.

Here they are:

    1. Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee Policy

    Make sure you offer at least 30 days,
    no questions asked, money back guarantee.

    These days I prefer 60 days.

    If you know that your products work,
    you have nothing to lose offering
    a strong, risk-free money back guarantee.

    2. Social Proof

    Testimonials, Facebook Comments,
    Social Networking following badges and
    social sharing buttons will make a big
    difference to your conversion rates.

    Anything that indicates some kind movement
    or action going on inside your page will make
    your prospects feel better.

    3. Ability to Contact With You

    This is something that not many marketers use.

    And it’s stupid if you ask me.

    Your potential customer wants to know
    that you are a real person and that he or she
    can contact you anytime if needed.

    And you better give more than one channel
    to do that.

    20% of my sales are made from people that had
    some kind of question before they purchased.

    Think about it.

    It takes just a minute to reply and you
    are instantly making more sales.

    4. Irresistible Bonuses

    Everyone loves to receive more extra stuff than they paid for.

    High quality bonuses can increase your sales
    and lower your refund rates.

All of these four triggers have one thing
in common – to take all of the risk off of your customer
and make them feel safe and secure purchasing your product.

Do you use them?

Do you have more tricks that boost conversions?

Let me know in the comments below :-)

- Raimundas M.

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