New Tattoo + What’s Hot in Q1 2014 ?

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Howdy! Just a quick post to review on what’s new happening in my life and internet marketing space in general.

So by the end of the 2013 I finally pulled the trigger and made my very first tattoo.
As a person who love art and design, I was always facinated by tattoos.


It is in Japanese “決して諦めない” which means “Never give up”. Why in Japanese? Don’t know, but there’s something really magical about Japanese culture and people that I like.

It may sound crazy, but everytime I’m about to give up on something (either in my business or real life), I look at this tattoo and it always remind me that giving up is not option.

I mean, come on, I made this tattoo (which will stick on my body for the rest of my life) and now you are even thinking of giving up?! Naaaaah, it ain’t gonna happen… So it’s a really great motivator to move forward.

What’s hot and booming right now?

Anyway, let’s get in to the second part of this post and discuss on what’s booming and hot right now in the IM industry.



If you are on my email list you have probably received an email where I sent you this interesting article:

Man buys $27 of bitcoin, forgets about them, finds they’re now worth $886k

Unless you are living under the rock, you’ve probably heard about all the
BitCoin (Virtual Currency) craze. If not, just google “What is BitCoin”.

The point is that one dude from Norway bought $27 worth of BitCoins 5 years ago, had completely forgotten about them and now finds out that they worth $886,000!
How crazy is that?

Cryptocurrency is really hot right now. And I’m not talking about the BitCoin.

BitCoin is the past.

The interesting part is that, the history is repeating itself with other Cryptocurrencies.

There are millionaires being created every day with crypto currency. Crypto currency is having some of the most seemingly impossible gains ever seen.

I started digging a bit more myself and bought a really good WSO on this topic:
James Renouf’s Crypto Mania (click here)

It’s about:
where to start receiving crypto-coins for FREE…(MULTIPLE places!)
where to trade those crypto-coins for real money
where to buy crypto-coins for cheap ( and sell later when their price increases )
why he does NOT recommend the one you may have heard about: BitCoin

Over 1000s copies sold and so far 0 refund. That should tell something about this WSO.
Really great read.

Lately I have seen many marketers that completely shifted their businesses to Cryptocurrencies, leaving all other internet marketing projects behind.

This only tells us that people are making good money with this virtual currency craze.

UPDATE: has just anounced that people can purchase Gigs® on Fiverr® with Bitcoin. That’s a big news.

Teespring + Facebook

teespring + facebook ads and sponsored stories

Selling custom design t-shirts through Facebook ads and sponsored stories is another trend that many marketers are jumping on right now.

What is Teespring and how it works? Check out the video below:

How to make money with that?
The possibilities are endless here.

You can design t-shirts for:

● sports fans
● band fans
● public person fans
● trending events
● ego driven people
● like minded people

And then target them using Facebook PPC ads or Facebook sponsored stories.

Here’s a great case study video posted by Frank Salinas to get a better idea of how all this Teespring+Facebook combo works in action:

There are s%^&t load of money to be made by selling t-shirts it’s crazy when you think about it.

One guy over the Warrior Forum made $2,293.35 in 5 days with his FIRST Teespring campaign and shared everything he learned here.

And I don’t see it slowing down any time soon. People bought, are buying and will buy t-shirts for years to come.

Hope this gave you some ideas.

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Talk to you soon.


10 ways to make your first Clickbank sale

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It’s been a while since I posted something on my blog.
I apologize for being so inconsistent with my posts..
It’s been a very though and busy time.

If you follow my emails, you probably know that the latest Google update did
a lot of damage to my sites. In about a week I lost over 60% of my traffic.

I’m still recovering from a shock… I dumped Google completely and now moved my business model to building email lists using paid advertising (solo ads and media buying.)

I have also created a new product YouBank! Profit system which is by far the best thing I’ve ever created.

Very simple method I’ve been using for over 2 years now making autopilot income with Youtube and affiliate products (W+, Clickbank..). So far I’m getting only positive feedback from those who already put my strategies in use. You can get your copy of Youbank! Profit System here.

Anyways, let’s talk about you..

Several days ago I sent an email to my subscribers and asked “What they are struggling with?”. And I’m very glad I did that, because it’s much easier for me to write content knowing what exactly my readers want. Not just one reader, but the majority of them.

I thank everyone who replied. I’ve received over hundred of replies and it was a bit
of a challenge to reply back and thank all of you personally :-)

Anyways. From a few suggestions I gave, one came up as a total winner. And that was:
“How can I make that first Clickbank sale (or first dollar online)?”

And no, it’s nothing wrong with this question. Opposite, it’s totally understandable, since those who haven’t made a dime online yet are the most hungriest (and was the most active in replying to my email:).

I’m not sure how long this article will be, but bare with me. I’ll try to provide as much useful information as I can. But before I go straight into the methods, I want to cover one very important thing. And I highly recommend NOT to skip this part and read it…

Overcoming information overload

One of my subscribers (John) asked me how to overcome the confusion and all the noise that is floating around in this industry. And indeed, there are so much information online (right and wrong) that is very easy to get confused and overhelmed.

Information overload and ability to focus is a very common problem for those who are starting out.

I had it, my all IM friends had it and I bet you have it (or had it) too.

How to overcome it?

Believe it or not, in my opinion the only way over come it is actually to consume
all the information there is and try everything as soon as you can.
If you found an interesting method – put it in use. See if it works or not.

The moment when you find out that it doesn’t work – you will atleast temporarly erase that from your head and move on to other things with a fresh head.

There’s an end, believe me. That end is the moment you consume all the information.

If you ask all successful mulitimillionaire IM gurus they will all tell you that they tried it all.

You may ask: “but Raimundas, what if I focus on one thing only and do everything I can to avoid all other information and methods?”

Well, I have a bad news for you… Curiosity is wired into our brains. It’s hard to fight against the nature. And it’s not your fault!


So, taking action and filtering out things that don’t work or aren’t right for you is the fastest way to fight with the information overload and analysis paralysis.

Now. I’m not telling you to buy all the latest and greatest shiny product that comes out.
Just by reading Warrior Forum or any other IM related forums or blogs is more than enough to learn and keep up with the latest marketing trends.

But don’t worry, there’s another way..

By the time you consume and test everything, you will discover things that DO WORK and get you results. This is the time when you will stop.

And I highly recommend to focus on that one working thing so much, that you never had to
fall back into the rat wheel again. It’s the worst place to be in..

This is why so many people recommend hiring a mentor or a coach that will save you hours upon hours of ‘wondering time’ and lead you directly to the stuff that works.

When you find a method that works, you forget everything around you. And that’s the most pleasant feeling you can have. And I wish you to find your way as soon as possible by reading the next part of the article which is How to make your first sale with Clickbank.

Below I’ve compiled 10 diffferent methods that hopefully will help you make your first affiliate sale.

Many of them I still use to these days and many of them I found through out my marketing carreer but haven’t got a time to test it out. So, if you are ready, let’s review them…

METHOD #1: Clickbank and Google Alert Method

This method was one of my first I’ve ever tried and it did made me some nice amount of money.

The whole step-by-step method is available in the “AffManual” product.

METHOD #2: Clickbank and Youtube Method

This is probably one of the easiest method I’ve ever found.
I’m using it right now as we speak and it’s averaging me around $32 to $70 a day on autopilot.

There are only 3 steps involved with this method:
1. Download a high converting video from product creator
2. Upload the video with your affiliate link on youtube
3. Make money.

If you want to learn in more details, check out my Youbank! Profit System here.

METHOD #3: Clickbank and Personal blog

I wish I had started my the moment I started my internet marketing career.

See. The beauty of having a blog is that you can learn and document your results at the same time.

And trust me, no matter what level you are on, you will find like minded people that will follow your blog and trust the products you recommend to them.

I’ve seen one marketer doing a very clever thing – he’s buying almost every course and document his experience with them on his blog. And of course he has affiliate links for all those products.

If you follow my blog, on some of my blog posts I do very similar thing (especially with plugins and software).

This way you can give value to your readers, learn yourself and make money along the way.

The whole step-by-step method is available in the “AffManual” product.

METHOD #4: Clickbank and Email list

Building an email list is essential.
I personally think it’s the most important thing in online business.
Everything you do should evolve around building a list of followers.

If you have a blog – put a lightbox optin form to capture your audience.
If you drive traffic with solo ads, PPC, PPV or media buying, make sure to capture their email address first and then sending them to the offer page.

Having a list of real people you have the ability to build relationships with them and earn their trust by helping them to achieve whatever they want to achieve.

And when the time come to recommend them an affiliate (Clickbank) offer, they will listen to you.

And if the offer you were recommending helped them – they will listen to your recommendations next time.

It’s an ongoing cycle.

The bigger your list will grow – the more money you will make.

They say that 1 subscribers = $1/month. Following that formula imagine having:

1000 subs = $1000/month


5000 subs which equals $5000/month.

How about 10,000 followers? that’s equal $10,000/month every single month.

But again, that’s just a formula. Some marketers make more, some less.

I know I don’t post about this stuff on my blog, but I guess I should (and I will).

The whole step-by-step method is available in the “AffManual” product.

METHOD #5: Clickbank and Yahoo Answers method


METHOD #6: Clickbank and mobile apps

This method is for more advanced marketers, however it’s extremely profitable and still untapped.

You can create an unlimited amount of informational apps and get free traffic from Apple and Android stores.

I’ve not seen anyone talking about this strategy.

The whole step-by-step method is available in the “AffManual” product.

METHOD #7: Clickbank and Craigslist method


METHOD #8: Clickbank and Twitter method


METHOD #9: Clickbank and Bing Ads (PPC)


METHOD #10: Clickbank and Squidoo method


Here you go! That’s all you need to need to make that first Clickbank sale.
Choose one method at a time, focus on it and make it work!

And as always, if you liked the post or want to say thanks, share your love by leaving a comment and clicking on the Like/Tweet/G+ buttons below. I appreciate that.

I’ll talk to you soon. :-)