Stop Chasing the Money and Start Chasing the Dream

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Most marketers think that having tools is enough to make money online.

The more tools and knowledge they have – the more money they will make.

But that’s far from the truth.

What’s even more interesting is that often we have all the tools in the world and know exactly what we need to do, but still nothing happens.

Why is that?

I can say from my own experience that the amount of money you make has nothing to do with how much knowledge, products or tools you have.

It’s about a reason WHY?

WHY and HOW BAD you need money?

“I want to make an extra $1000 a month online”, is not a strong motivator or a reason why.

Instead, you should be chasing your biggest goals, dreams and desires.

You should think about them and talk about them every single day, no matter what it is.

For example:

“I want get out of debt.”

“I want to help my family to have a better life.”

“I want to help my childrens to have a better life.”

“I want to quit my day job, because I can’t stand it anymore.”

“I want to move to a better neighbourhood, city or even a country” (have the exact place in mind).

“I want to buy a dream house” (have a specific one in mind)

“I want to buy a dream car” (have a specific model in mind)

“I want to go on vacation and visit _______” (have a specific place in mind)

“I want to travel around the world”

The more specific you are, the more brighter you can paint yourself in your dreams and seeing them achieving – the faster you will reach them.

Don’t think about money.

Rather think about your goals and dreams.


Hope this makes sense.

If your goal or a dream is strong enough, you will find a way to cross that bridge no matter what it takes. Whether it’s a hard work, lots of failures, disappointments or risks to be taken. If you will follow your dream, the money will follow.

Find your reason WHY.

A strong WHY.

Have goals and dreams in mind.

Print them out.

Put them on your desktop and reach them every day.

And most importantly, believe in your dreams.

Don’t give up on them in the middle of the road and don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do.

Think of Bill Gates.

Bill Gates dream was, to provide a computer on every desk on every home.

Bill Gates worked very hard in achieving his dream, he was very ambitious and competitive, and now he’s one of the richest people in the world.

Not because he chased the money, but because he chased the dream.


[METHOD] How to Make $45-150/day With No Traffic, No Money and No Website.

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The method I’m about to reveal you is a real rarity in our industry.

To get started with and make money:

• You DON’T NEED traffic
• You DON’T NEED a website
• You DON’T NEED an email list
• You DON’T NEED any money
• You DON’T NEED to sell anything

The only thing you need is your PayPal account to collect money.

This is an excellent strategy for those who want to earn a quick buck or build some startup capital for long-term online business.

You will see how easy and simple the whole process is in just a moment.

I have already mentioned about this sneaky method to email subscribers a while ago and I know some of them are already using this. But I thought I will also share this with my blog readers that aren’t on the list yet.

So here we go…

The process of how you make money with this is called Solo Ad arbitrage. Also known as traffic brokering.

What is a Solo Ad?

Solo Ads are very hot right now in the Internet Marketing niche.

It’s paid form of traffic.

Simply put, a solo ad is when someone pays someone else to send out an email to their list that promotes their product or service.

Solo ads are usually paid on a per click basis.

Let’s say a marketer (let’s call him John) want to buy 100 clicks to be delivered to his squeeze page.

John then goes out and finds a seller (let’s call her Marry) who agrees to send out an email to her personal email list and deliver 100 clicks to John for $50 ($0,50 per click).

The seller (Marry) then send out an email on agreed date and her subscribers start clicking on the link which lead them to the buyer’s (John’s) squeeze page.

Here’s a quick illustration:


As you see, it’s an extremely fast way to build a huge email list on demand.

Now, I won’t go into much details on Solo Ads as some of you are probably already know all the ins and outs if you bought The AffManual.

But that’s basically what the Solo Ad is.

An opportunity for you to make easy money

This part will put a big smile on your face.

You see.

I can’t stress enough how in demand solo ads are right now.

Internet marketers need traffic all the time.

They are ready to spend $0.50 up to $0.70 for a click.

And this is where you come in and become a middle man.

A middle man between the seller and the buyer.


You see, there are hundreds of solo ad sellers who sell solos for as cheap
as $0.30 per click and the quality of those clicks are equally as good as those for $0.50/click.

Every list owner price their solos differently.

Especially newbies who like to price their solo ads on the lower end.

Essentially you get buyers that pay you .50 per click for a solo.
In turn, you go to one of your solo venders and pay them .30 per click.
You just scored a .20 per click profit.

Remember, you don’t need to spend any of your own money.

You receive money from the buyer FIRST and then you buy a solo ad from a seller.

Can you see the power of this?

Find only 2 buyers a day who each buy 100 clicks x $0.50/per click and that’s already $40/day.

And finding 2 buyers is a piece of cake.

There are many places where buyers are just begging you to sell solo ads to them.

Imagine if someone buys 1000 clicks for $0.50/click?


That’s how much you receive into your Paypal account.

Then you book 1000 clicks solo ad for $0.30/click from one or few of your trusted solo ad sellers and send $300 to the solo ad seller.

The seller will deliver the clicks to the buyer and the deal is closed.

The seller is happy, the buyer is happy and you are happy with easy $200 sitting in you PayPal account.

There are not many information about this neat strategy online.

The only in-depth WSO I have found and bought was „Solo Arbitrage“ by jkeneddy. Good stuff.

Inside the WSO you will discover:

• How to make $45-150 a day or more, starting TODAY!
• Without a list.
• Without a website.
• Without any experience.
• Where to get cheap clicks all day long.
• Where to find hungry buyers begging to pay you for clicks.
• How to keep those buyers coming back for more.
• Everything you’ll need to do it. (it’s all free)
• Step-by-step instructions for the freshest newbie.
• How to build your own list without spending a penny.
• The Do’s and Don’ts of click brokering.
• Bonus ninja tips & tricks that will have you killing it from day one.

As well as the exact places to find a ton of solo ad sellers and buyers.

If it is something you would like to try, you can grab the „Solo Arbitrage“ on the Warrior Forum here.

The potential with this method is huge.

Solo ads are not going anywhere any time soon.

Opposite, it’s getting more and more popular every day.

Now is the best time to go all in and get your slice of the pie.

Hope you enjoyed the method.

As always. I’ll appreciate your comment, like or a tweet below.

I’ll talk to you later.