METHOD: How To Make $50-$100 a day with YouTube and Clickbank

yoayoya! how are you doing guys? I’m back with another strong method!

Usually you find me posting about Amazon or CPA (because this is what I mostly do in my business), but lately I was bombarded with questions on how to promote Clickbank offers. So I thought I will put up an article on how to make money with Clicbank or any other Cost Per Sale affiliate program, such as Warrior+ or CJ by using Youtube as the main traffic source.

The method itself is nothing new, some affiliates are successfuly using it for quite some time now. But the most important thing is that IT WORKS and there are a plenty of space for other affiliates.

For the video and some other info below all the credits goes to
This guy puts some serious stuff. Make sure to check his blog.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it:

How to make money with Clickbank – step by step:


  • Find a product to promote that’s not too competitive. I usually pick products that have a gravity between 10-100 and payout of $20+
  • Go into Google KW Tool, make the product name has more than 100 local [exact] searches
  • Do a google search for the product name. Make sure there’s already a YouTube video on page 1 and it has less than 20,000 views. If it does, you can easily outrank them with basic SEO
  • Email the product creator and ask for a review copy. Tell them you’re an experienced experinced marketer and you’ll be driving traffic to a review video with SEO. 60% of the time, they’ll hook you up.
  • If you get the review copy, great. If not, you can do this anyways using the sales page as content fo ryour review. Or, you can move on to another product.
  • Create a screen capture video with Camtasia or camstudio (free version) reviewing the product. If you got a review copy, do an “inside look” of the product. make sure to have a call to action to click on the link below the video.
  • Save the video as productname.mp4. This actually helps with rankings
  • Upload to YouTube, include product name in title, description and tags. Add an annotation with the product name.
  • The first line of your description should be “Product Name Download: hxxp:// your affiliate link by buying a new domain and redirecting it, or use tinyurl)
  • Get fast views to your video from ($1 for ~400 views, ~30 likes and some comments)
  • Build 500 social bookmarks to your video ($5 on fiverr)
  • If video isn’t ranking on page 1, build edu links, web 2.0 links and distribute to other video sites (outsource on fiverr)
  • Repeat with other videos. Once you have the system down, you can start outsourcing on oDesk.



Here’s my 2 cents to wrap things up:

1. Quality > quantity. With this method quality is above all. When things gets to buying stuff, people are very cautious, especially with make money online info products. Make sure to provide honest and quality review about the product. You’ll get rewarded for that.

2. Instead of sending directly to the Clicbank offer I suggest to send them to your affiliate product pre-made squeeze page first and then redirect to the offer. Always collect your leads to promote them later for maximum profits.

3. Clickbank is just one player in the game. There are many other CPS affiliate programs. I really love Warrior+. Keep in mind that other affiliate platforms has less competition.

When I finish some stuff I’m working on at the moment, I definetly jump on this and will let you know how it goes.

EDIT: After many experiments I have come up with much easier way to make money with Youtube and Clickbank. My method is now making me $75 to $100 a day on average.
The interesting part is that opposite to the method above, with this exact method you don’t need to create any of your own videos. Check out the Youbank! Profit System by Raimundas M. for more details.


This post was written by

Raimundas M – who has written posts on Raimundas M.
Raimundas M has started his online entrepreneur journey back in 2008 by discovering CPA marketing. In 2012 he switched the sides, from an affiliate to an advertiser. In 2013 Raimundas built this blog to help others achieve their financial goals. In late 2013 he created countless of very successful, best selling information products with hundreds of success stories. In early 2014 he got all in into huge scale list building and list monetization.

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26 thoughts on “METHOD: How To Make $50-$100 a day with YouTube and Clickbank

  1. This the second time I’m reading your post & I truly find it refreshing and straight to the point!

    Thank you for giving us quality tips!

  2. This is really good stuff simply because it works. I have videos uploaded years ago that are still making money month after month.

    I just wrote a blog post on purchasing YouTube accounts with lots of views, and then directing that traffic to Clickbank products. I love Clickbank and Youtube together!

    • Sorry, I can’t.

      You can do the following:
      1. buy the product and record a video using Camtasian or CamStudio (Free version) reviewing the product.
      2. if you promote clickbank, most of the products have videos on the sales page.
      Capture 2-4 minutes of that video and upload it on Youtube.
      3. Some offers (mainly in Warrior Special Offers) have videos showing the product in action.
      You can use that too.
      4. Create a video with (however the conversions will be low using this).

      Hope this helps.

      • Hi Raimundasm,

        Very interesting to read your blog. How to capture video on the sales page?


      • Hi Raimundasm,
        Each time on this blog, i always feels cool right inside. You have great info here. please i want to know- on the point number 2 above how(steps) to capture video from youtube video.

  3. Hi Raimundas,

    The blog post is so amazing giving every single detail about creating a video and making it popular.. You have written a great piece telling all brilliant tricks to gather views , likes and social bookmarks!

    That was so amazing..

    Wish u a very happy new year 2013.. And all the best for your affiliate marketing projects.. Hope u bank more money from the start of the year 2013.. :)

  4. I want to try out this method, but I am new to internet marketing and I was wondering if you could clear up some things about this method?

    1. Are we able to use any price range, instead of just $20? What about $140 a month?

    2. When we do a search with the google keyword search tool, do we have to look at what country that keyword is being search in?

    3. Whenever we search on youtube to see if it has a video of the service/product being demonstrated and it has more than 20,000 views, what do we do there?

    I would really appreciate it if you could help me with this, as I really need money!

    • Hey Dave,
      1. You mean price range of the product you are promoting?
      Fact is that at this economy lower priced products sells better.
      But you can always test and see which one is making you the most money.

      2. No, Clickbank offers are international. Anyone can buy. So it doesn’t matter really.

      3. I don’t really care. I’m more concerned with Google.
      If that video (with 20,000 views) doesn’t rank on Google and I can rank my video on Google, I go for it.

      Trust me, there will be always competition. You just need to out compete them.

  5. Hi,

    I find this very useful because other experienced marketer’s training says exactly this.

    it should work for newbie marketer like me. I find difficulty in making videos. camstudio not good.


  6. Hi Raimundas
    Thanks for your tips. A few questions please:

    The first line of your description should be “Product Name Download: hxxp:// your affiliate link by buying a new domain and redirecting it, or use tinyurl)

    1. Would you mind simplifying the above for a newbie please?

    Instead of sending directly to the Clicbank offer I suggest to send them to your affiliate product pre-made squeeze page first and then redirect to the offer. Always collect your leads to promote them later for maximum profits.

    2. Could you kindly point me to the direction of how I can learn to do the above step please? How to create a squeeze page and opt in? What could one use as a free gift for the opt in and how to include this?

    Yes, a complete newbie. Thanks again for your kind help.

  7. Man, i must said you have a great wirting work here. i really enjoy everything here. i have already bookmark your blog. Keep it up.

  8. This method works! I working on some videos now! I just got my video on the first page of youtube now working on getting it on the first page. of google.

  9. Hi Ramundas,
    I’m greatly encouraged by your sharing of using video to earn passive income. I’m newbie and haven’t got any success yet.
    May I ask; from your video in YouTube, when the visitor click on your link in the video, does the link:-
    1) bring them to product review blog?
    2)bring them to your Affiliate link (vendor SalesPage)

    Which approach is more successful in most of your campaign video? Hope you won’t mind sharing your opinion. Thanks

    • It’s always wise to split test and see what happens. It highly depends on the quality of your review video.

      For example, in “make money online” niche, having a quality review video (showing product in action, powerpoint presentation or talking in front of the camera) and sending them to my affiliate link works great for me.

      So, if you have a quality review video – direct linking to your affiliate link will work just fine.

      However, if you have a video saying: “Click on the link below to learn more…” and nothing more, then sending them to your review blog would be a smart thing to do.

      In my opinion, it’s always better to “save clicks” so to speak, and direct your prospect to the end point as soon as you can.

  10. Hi, Raimundas:

    Thank you for posting this useful information. I have a question and hope you can answer it for me.

    1. How did you create that 60 youtube accounts? from your own PC or you use proxy?

    2. You mentioned you did not buy view and backlinks and got those results. So until now you still did not buy any view and backlinks, is that right?

    Thanks for your help.


    • Hey Jack,

      1. I bought them a few years ago. I’m not sure how they were created. But I don’t use any proxy to manage them and so far they work just great. They are aged, probably that’s why YT don’t hammer them.

      2. No, I didn’t. I like the results as it is. I know that having more views and backlinks would increase sales, but that’s just an experiment I did for my readers.

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