5 proven ways to promote Clickbank affiliate offers

Before I start I want to be transparent and honest with you saying that I very rearly promote Clickbank offers.

Here’s why:

1. Latetly they get a lot of refunds.
2. Clickbank pay through checks or wire on net30.
This means I need to wait almost two fricking months until I see money in my bank account!

I mostly use Warrior Plus and promote Warrior Special Offers (WSOs).

1. You can ask for a review copy of the product owner to see what you will be selling. This applies to established affiliates only.
2. 100% commisions.
3. Less refunds.
4. Instant money to Paypal account baby! :-)

However, knowing that many new marketers start with Clickbank, for this particular reason I will focus on Clickbank offers in this post. Even though this works with any affiliate network offers.

By the way, the methods that I’m going to share below are personally tested. This is not something I made up for this post. This information is responsible for four figures a month in my business just by promoting affiliate offers.

I’ll tell you wich one is getting me the best results at the bottom of this post, so bear with me to the end :-)

Alright then, let’s get started:

youtube + clickbank

1. Clickbank + Youtube.




Youtube is hands down one of my favorite free traffic sources.
This business model is all about making honest review videos for your chosen Clickbank products.

I have a whole article about this method on my blog.

=>> How To Make $50-$100 a day with YouTube and Clickbank (click here).

wordpress + clickbank

2. Clickbank + WordPress site.




This strategy involves creating a review type of website for a specific Clickbank product that is about to be launched.

There are many websites that tells you what products are gonna hit the Clickbank. Such us: JV Notify Pro and CBTrends.

So, step by step would look like this:

1. You simply buy the domain name: www.productnamereview.com.
2. Install wordpress and write a honest review.
3. SEO your site to get it on the top results of Google for a {Product Name Review} keyword.
4. Wait for the product to be launched and watch the money coming in.

bingads + clickbank

3. Clickbank + PPC or Media buying.




For this method you actually will need to buy traffic.
So, it’s not the best choice if you are just starting out.

However this is probably the most profitable business model.


Paid traffic = HUGE amout of traffic. You can buy a lot of them!

For pay per click I would recommend Bingads.com
For media buying – SiteScout.com

You can send traffic:
– directly to merchant’s landing page.
– your own pre-sale page.
– squeeze page to collect email addresses.

Test and see which one is giving you the best return on investment. I found that sometimes directing traffic to the product page is more poriftable then to my squeeze page.

email + clickbank

4. Clickbank + Email marketing.




Or you can use all of the methods above and drive traffic to your squeeze page to build a list.
Having an email list, you will be able to recommend high quality Clickbank offers over and over again.

Imagine having 10,000 subscribers that are interested in business opportunities?
Depending on the quality of your subscribers, sending just one email could make you
anywhere from $1000 to $2000.

Check out Paul’s Email Marketing Assassin video course on Warrior Forum (click here).

He explains everything about list building and shows exaclty how to promote affiliate offers using email. Really great stuff.

blog + clickbank

5. Clickbank + Blog (IM niche).




This is pretty simple.

Let’s say you are making money with Adsense and you are really good at it.
What you could do is start your personal blog and document your journey
by sharing your expertise on how you make money with adsense.

Having a blog lets you to:
1. Write product reviews.
2. Post valuable articles and include related affiliate products below the article.
3. Put affiliate banners on your blog.

You can browse through my blog posts to see all this in action.


I tried all of these methods, but today I mostly use two of them – email marketing and promoting affiliate offers on my blog.

But that’s just me. You may find that other methods work better for you.

I personally love to communicate with my followers through blog and email.
This also gives me an opportunity to recommend quality affiliate products that I find useful in my own business.

I hope this post will give you some new ideas.
If you have any questions – just let me know in the comment section below!


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